2 off Bridgeport VMC1000 with Heidenhain TNC370 control Vertical Machining Centre

2 off Bridgeport VMC800 with Heidenhain TNC 370 control Vertical Machining Centre with 4th Axis Facility

1 off Bridgeport VMC 600 with 10,000 RPM Spindle with Heidenhain TNC 410/426

2 off Bridgeport VMC 500 with 10,000 RPM Spindle with Heidenhain TNC 410/426 Control

1 off Bridgeport Series 1 EZ-Trac CNC Turret Mill Axis Movement X=762mm Y=305mm Z=406mm

1 off Huron (NU5) Manual Milling M/C. Vertical and Horizontal machining Axis Movement X=1300mm Y=700mm Z=500mm

2 off Bridgeport Series 1 Turret Mill Axis Movement X=762mm Y=305mm Z=406mm & 127mm Quill



2 off Hitachi-Seiki HI-Turn 20 S 11 with Secos-L mulit control 255mm chuck 20-3600RPM

22K VA Spindle Power X Axis travel 200mm 20mtr rapid movement Bar capacity 65mm through spindle 10 Pos KV tool type turret

Programmable tailstock, Q-setter, swarf conveyor

Bar feed 65mm x 3000mm capacity

1 off Harrison M390 Centre Lathe

1 off Hitachi seiki hi turn with magazine bar feed with Fanuc Series 21-T control CNC Turning centre

1 off Hardinge max through spindle 27mm 210mm max dia 8 station turret

1 off Hardinge max through spindle 27mm 210mm max dia tail stock

2 off Hardinge AHC Auto with bar feed 26mm capacity

2 off Hardinge second operation HSL machines

1 off Britain Capstan with bar feed 28mm dia capacity collet

2 off Daewoo Lynx 210LC 65 dia Bar Cap - New 2004 Fanuc 21T Control

1 off Daewoo Puma 2500SY 75dia Bar Cap Driven Tool & Sub Spindle - New 2004 Fanuc 18 TB Control



Kaltenbach KKS 400 NA 1600 Automatic Upstroking Power Saw with D.R.O. facility

Sawmaster fully automatic bandsaw 200mm dia Control

Startrite Rapier 314 SW bandsaw



1 off Jones & Shipman 1400 Surface Grinder & Diaform

1 off Jones & Shipman X540 Grinder & Diaform

1 off Jones & Shipman 540 Grinder & Diaform

2 off Bermi 500 Surface |Grinder with Diaform MAG Chuck 450mm x 150mm

1 off Jones & Shipman 1310 cylindrical grinder with internal spindle Centre height 100mm length between centres 450mm 125mm 3 jaw chuck will hold up to 20mm diameter

3 off Myford MG12-HA cylindrical grinder with diaform Centre height 50mm, max O/D 100mm, length between centres 300mm

1 off Myford MG12-HA internal grinder with diaform High speed spindle 75mm, 3 jaw chuck will hold up to 25mm diameter

1 off Delapena auto speed hone capacity automatic and semi-automatic 3 to 20mm diameter

1 off Studer S21 CNC Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine



1 off Brother HS 100 EDM Wire Eroder Axis Movement X=300mm Y=200mm Z=100mm

1 off Brother HS 300 EDM Wire Eroder Axis Movement X=450mm Y=300mm Z=200mm

2 off Charmilles Robofil 290 Wire Eroder with 5 Axis



9 off Spindle Bench Drills

2 off Flypress

1 off Corner Notcher

1 off Ultrasonic Degreaser

1 off Rumble Deburrer

MIG/TIG Welding

Argon Arc Welding

Gas Welding and Brazing



Mitutoyo 3D Axis Co-ordinate measuring Machine with Geo-pack 3 software X=600mm Y=600mm Z=250mm

Granite base with Renishaw probe

Sylvac Z-cal 600mm Heightgauge

Isoma Shadowgraph max x 10, x 50, x 100.2, x 150mm measuring range. 600mm viewing screen (digital readout)

Vickers hardness machine with calibrated diamond

Avery hardness machine

Taylor Hobson surtronic surface tester with calibrated test piece

Stereoscope for viewing internal bores

Granite surface table (2 OH) 600 x 900mm

Granite surface table (2 OH) 450 x 600mm

Mercer air gauges with various probes and setting rings from 0.2375 to 1:000

Over 1000 plain plug gauges

Over 500 screw plugs & ring gauges

Mercer bore micrometers 0.375 to 4.000 inches & setting rings

English/Metric Micrometers up to 24 inches

English/Metric Digital verniers up to 24 inches

Drop clocks and level clocks measuring to 0.00001 inches/0.0025mm

Electronic indicator measuring to 0.00001 inches/0.00025mm


In addition to the above, the service offered by the quality system at P.B.H. is not only designed to give the customer a quality system in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2000, but will give excellent working relationship to your own specific requirements and feed back whilst your work is being produced.


The inspection will give your work first-off’s, in-process and final inspection carried through to packing, despatch and delivery and can offer full dimensional reports of each item. (c.m.m. printed if required) to first off article reports.

The inspection department which has a very wide range of equipment from shadowgraph 100 X 1, C.M.M., micro vertex, surface testing to hardness testing. All traceable to British Standards/Namas and can also be used solely for inspection if required by the customer.



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